Info For Seniors: Think of your safety when approaching icy surfaces

The Canada Safety Council has some great advice for walking on ice. An article on their web site states that facing an icy surface can be a paralyzing experience. Not everyone has grippers and other safety aids. So, what should you do if it’s impossible to avoid an icy patch? Believe it or not, body movements can increase your stability on an icy surface.

Slow down and think about your next move. Keeping your body as loose as possible, spread your feet to more than a foot apart to provide a base of support. This will help stabilize you as you walk. Keep your knees loose — let them bend a bit. This will keep your centre of gravity lower to the ground, which further stabilizes the body.

Now you are ready to take a step. Make the step small, placing your whole foot down at once. Then shift your weight very slowly to this foot and bring your other foot to meet it the same way. Keep a wide base of support. Some people prefer to drag their feet or shuffle them. If this feels better to you, then do so. Just remember to place your whole foot on the ice at once and keep your base of support approximately a foot wide. It’s also always best to plan a safe route ahead of time.

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Tai Chi

The next session of beginner and continuation Tai Chi classes will begin Monday, Jan. 29 at Community Care. No experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. If you’re a senior who would benefit from Tai Chi and would like to give it a try, call 613-476-7493 to register.

Wellington Seniors Luncheon Social

Enjoy a great meal on Wednesday, Jan. 31 at noon. The menu features, homemade soup, bangers and mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and vegetables, cherry cheesecake, bread and butter, coffee and tea all catered by Bill Grieve, the chef with Wheel House and Occasions Catering. The cost is $10 per person. Reserve your place by the Tuesday prior at noon by calling 613-476-7493. Take-out meals are available. This meal can also be delivered to housebound seniors who live in Wellington.

Tax return preparation

Prince Edward Community Care will begin accepting 2017 income tax returns for seniors living in Prince Edward County March 1 If you are a senior 60-plus whose single income is $30,000 or lower or whose household income is $40,000 or lower, you may be eligible for help through this program.

Volunteers have been trained by Canada Revenue Agency to complete returns for eligible clients. Volunteers do not complete income tax and benefit returns for: deceased persons, bankrupt individuals; for those with more than $1,000 of investment income; for individuals with capital gains/losses; or for people with business or rental income and expenses. There is no charge, donations are accepted. For more information call 613-476-7493.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes