Mobile water station purchase worthy of support

​​ The Council of Canadians is a leader in ​​ initiatives ​to protect Canada’s freshwater sources. Our campaign work focuses on recognizing water as part of a shared commons. Water is a human right and as such, must be protected from privatization, pollution and bulk water exports. We encourage community empowerment and involvement.

One of the greatest threats to our water resources is the proliferation of plastic and one of the worst examples of this is the one-use plastic water bot​t​le. Billions of these bottles are clogging the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans. Even In Ontario where we have recycling programs, it’s estimated that 65 million bottles still end up annually in landfills where they can sit for a century or more.

Council of Canadians Quinte propose to make a start right here in Prince Edward County at reducing this horrendous legacy. We want the County to follow the lead of neighbouring communities such as Belleville, Quinte West and Kingston in purchasing a mobile water station (or Quench Buggy as a popular model is called) to provide drinking fountains and refilling stations for refillable containers at our community events.

This is the environmentally friendly way to provided safe, healthy water to patrons ​ at our ​ ​many​ sporting events, festivals, concerts, fairs and other gatherings . The mobile water station is a great educational tool as well, promoting tap water and the non-use of plastic.

Last year, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health launched a program to install hydration stations in the schools and gave every school child a reusable drink container. Yet at our local events, they see adults using one-time throw away plastic bottles. What kind of an example is this?

Everyone who sees the mobile water station realizes that this is the responsible thing to do.

We urge you to support the Council of Canadians Quinte in this initiative by joining us at 1 p.m. on March 29 at the committee-of-the-whole meeting at Shire Hall​. ​

Robin Lunn and Lynne Rochon

Council of Canadians Quinte