McCAW, Roger

In loving memory of my husband, Roger McCaw April 22, 1951 – April 22, 2015
I wake each morning to start a new day
But the pain of losing you never goes away.
I go about the things I have to do,
And as the hours pass I think again of you.
Sometimes I just sit quietly reflecting for awhile
Imaging your voice, your face, your warm and loving smile.
I came across a picture of you and I today,
The tears started falling but I couldn’t turn away.
I closed my eyes and I was there
That day so long ago, I saw your eyes still shining so bright
I swear I hear your laughter at night. 
That golden and contagious sound
That nothing can replace.
I can not bring the old days back
When we were together
But memories last forever.
I will always love and miss you, Roger
With every passing day
The longing just to see you
Will never go away.
I will always “Remember When”
Love, Diane xo
In memory of my Dad Roger McCaw
Dad, there are so many precious memories
That throughout my life will stay
Of a very special Dad Whose birthday is today.
All your care and guidance, Dad
I never could repay
I feel you walk beside me
And are still with me everyday.
I treasure all the memories
Of the happy times I had
With the wisest, most caring
One in a million Dad.
Love Chris & Darlene
Dad, Roger McCaw
Every time we think of you
Our hearts fill with pride,
And though we will always miss you, Dad,
We know you’re by our side.
In laughter and in sorrow
In sunshine and in rain,
We know you’re watching over us
Until we meet again.
So we will say “Goodbye” for now
And blow a kiss to heaven above,
To wish you a Happy Birthday
And send you all our love.
Love Melissa & Scott
In loving memory of our Papa Roger McCaw on your Birthday
Today is a day that brings us both smiles and tears
For a Papa who always was so dear.
We remember every day shared, but especially today
How admirable of a Papa you remain
With the laughs, adventures and knowledgeable advice
We will hold on to your spirit very tight.
“Happy Birthday Papa”
Cherished & Forever Loved Briana, Matthew, Brooke, Shelby, Cody, Kelsey, Courtney