Letter: With no Plan B, it’s not the time for political games

Global temperature will increase by 1.5 C as early as 2030.

We know that change will mean major catastrophic changes. We are already seeing the effects.If we want any chance to beat that, we must act now, and act decisively.

So what would that look like? The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) says the most effective thing we can do is to apply a uniform tax on carbon emissions. In fact our federal government is attempting to do just that…Meanwhile here in Ontario, Doug Ford scrapped Ontario’s cap-and-trade plan in his first week in office.

He did this in the name of cost savings…Yet there is no alternative plan in place, and Ford plans to sue the federal government when they impose their plan, but he is likely to lose and of course he will waste money and time fighting it. Not to mention the amount that his government will have to pay back to companies that had invested in the cap-and-trade program already — $2.87 billion in investment actually.

Of course many related programs are cancelled too.The electrical vehicle rebate, a $377- million Green ON rebate to encourage environmental building upgrades, social housing program upgrades, and a $100 million fund intended for school upgrades. Sorry kids.

The costs of litigation from the many project cancellations may far exceed any savings they thought the cancellation may have. But hey, it was great for getting votes.

I don’t want to stray too far off topic though (even if I know the first thing critics will do is complain about how expensive not destroying the planet is)… My point is we are in trouble, and business as usual is not going to work. Whether it is Doug Ford cancelling environmental programs here in Ontario, or Justin Trudeau doubling down on a pipeline instead of investing in renewables and retraining workers for that industry. We don’t have time for business as usual.

Our political leaders need to stop pandering, stop worrying about votes and partisan games, and start doing what needs to be done, so our children, and indeed their children, have a chance at all.

Future generations will look back at this time, and they can either say yes the people and the leaders stood up and did something right, or they can despair that we had the chance, and ignored it, and let things go to ruin. Which future do you hope for?

Shawn Moreton