Supporting communities less glamorous than tourism

An article  in  the  County Weekly News entitled:  Federal Funds for County Winery  explains  why a  Vineyard  in the County  will receive  $100,000  from the  Federal Economic Development Agency.

The money  will  help  develop  rental  accommodation  at  this  private enterprise  to allow  visitors  to  “maximize  their  culinary  and  ecotourism experience.”

The  owner  is  very appreciative  of  this  opportunity  and  I  think  I  could  appreciate the  culinary  experience myself  because it pertains  to  eating.

But  the  Ecotourism part  I’m  not sure.

Oxford  defines  this tourism to exotic  or  wilderness  threatened natural environments. The  wilderness in Prince Edward County is mostly  gone,  and  I  can  see the natural environment is  threatened  at least during  tourist season  and  there is  erosion  of  not  just  roads,   but of  nerves for  the  local    population.

The  senior property  owners  who  are  finding  it  more  and  more  difficult  to  meet  their  budget  demands  for  Water/Waste water  billings  and  now  a further  increase  in  Property Taxes of 4.6 per cent for 2020;   these people  are  not  having  such  a  great  time.

Why  then  should  we  be  paying  from  our  Federal Tax  base  $100,000 for  a  private enterprise  expansion  of  a facility which  is  to  allow  visitors  to  “maximize  their  culinary and Ecotourism  experience?”

The  Tourism  industry  is  doing  quite  well as  I  see it.    As  the owner  states,  if I may quote  in part, “When this place is packed…..everyone is having a great time.”

If  the  Prime Minister and  associate minister Bay of Quinte MP Neil Ellis  want  to  give  away  more,  I would  suggest  giving  some  to  the  more  needy,  but  I  know  this wouldn’t  appear  so  glamorous  as  giving  to  the  entertainment  of  tourists.

Frank Sargeant