Lack of COVID-19 screening at Pearson Airport concerning

My husband and I recently returned to Toronto from our trip to Malaysia, Bali and Singapore.

We took every precaution you can think off to protect us from the COVID-19.

Everything from upgrading to avoid lines and crowds, wiping down our seat areas with Lysol disinfectant wipes, washing our hands when ever possible and using hand sanitizer constantly.

We traveled on six flights in total. At every airport I was pleasantly surprised in a couple of ways. One, the security was spot on. As soon as you walked in the airport you go through metal detectors/baggage search then again when you go through customs to your gate, then again just before you board your plane.

The second thing that I was surprised by was how cautious the countries were being with the COVID-19 threat. At every airport, transfer, flights we incurred temperature detector screens, employees taking travelers temperatures and hand sanitizer set up everywhere as well as eight foot high signs to inform you on how to stay free of the COVID-19 virus. We even had one flight that they had to go up and down the aisle spraying disinfectant before we were allowed off.

So, imagine my surprise when we arrive back to the Toronto airport and was not even asked where we were coming from.

There was no one giving out information/suggestions what to do to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus should we unknowingly have it. No one was there taking any passengers temperature, no temperature screens no extra hand sanitizer stations and no thought put into the coordination of the baggage terminal. The luggage from our flight was off loaded on a belt right next to another full flight from Punta Cana. Why would they not thing to separate that a little to avoid the crowds?

I don’t understand why there are not things in place like other countries have done to stop the spread. This is Canada, we have the capabilities to be better but instead we let people walk through the airports, get on buses, take trains across the city and then we wonder why it is spreading.

Is it not more efficient for the government to put things in place ahead of the spread such as cancel travel, get people in the airport to check temperatures and so on?

Instead our government spends an unbelievable amounts of money to fly hundreds of people to Trenton and Cornwall and quarantine hundreds of people for 14 days. The cost behind that will eventually catch up to Canadians. I know we as individuals have responsibilities but we should be able to depend on our leaders to do the same.

Step up before the need to fly in more people. Did we learn nothing from SARS?

Daphne Powers