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An old-fashioned idea is gaining new interest for home dwellers, gardeners and people interested in protecting waterways and the environment while saving money on their water bills. 

Rain Barrels are back in style in rural and small town areas,  collecting free rainwater from a roof and storing it for future use in gardens and watering lawns, shrubs, and trees. 

Seeds for Eco Communities (SEC), an Ontario based not-for-profit organization, has recently launched a rain barrel sale in partner with to raise funds with a recognition of the need for and the value of rain barrels in maintaining the health of our home gardens and the environment.

SEC is striving to provide educational tools and resources to anyone who is interested in establishing eco communities or living in an off-grid self-sustaining environment. 

Information is also shared to help those interested in beginning or continuing to move the yardstick towards a lower footprint life., who partners with various non-profit organizations, reclaims food grade barrels and repurposes them as rain barrels. Once used to transport fruits and vegetables, they now offer years of reliable service as rain barrels. helps stage truckload fundraisers in communities across Canada with new communities added each week

There are many great reasons to use a rain barrel or connect several in series to collect even more rainwater, such as: 

  • Rain barrels provide a free supply of water for many uses. 
  • Rainwater is free of chlorine and fluoride, typically found in tap water and is the preferred choice of local residents with the best looking gardens. 
  • Rainwater can help reduce pollution. Homeowners with rain barrels can disconnect their downspouts from the sewer systems, resulting in redirection of rainwater to permeable ground surfaces that filter and absorb the water. This natural filtering helps ensure a cleaner and replenished water supply for the community’s streams and rivers and prevents rainwater from going into the storm management systems.
  • When communities don’t have to manage as much stormwater, they can keep down water costs and related charges and taxes.
  • Rainwater, which is naturally acidic, can balance out the alkaline nature of soils near chemically based concrete. 
  • Rainwater also has the benefit of being a similar temperature as the air, and does not shock plants’ roots like tap water does. Overall, rainwater is a healthier option for plants.
  • When outdoor water restrictions are in place, water from a rain barrel can be used to wash vehicles or water lawns. 
  • Residents can also use the water to clean floors and do laundry, and having a source of stored water can be beneficial if an emergency ever arises.
  • Redirecting rainwater away from a home’s foundation by using a rain barrel can help avoid flooding in basements, and prevent damage to the foundation.

Local residents can keep their gardens healthy and well-nourished by ordering a rain barrel in advance of the May 25 distribution date. Also included in their fundraising campaign are home composters for purchase.  

If you are interested in ensuring your lawn or garden is as healthy as it can be, use more rainwater in your gardening.

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