Seniors dental program worth the check up

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) provides high quality dental care to all seniors who qualify. Seniors are more prone to dental decay, gum disease, and oral cancer than other groups, so it is important to have regular dental checkups. Untreated dental issues can lead to more problems in the future, including chronic disease.

If you are unable to afford dental care, this program may be for you.  You may be eligible if you: are 65 or older; are a resident of Ontario; have an annual net income of $19,300 or less for a single person, or a combined annual net income of $32,300 or less for a couple; have no access to any other form of dental benefits (e.g. private insurance).

The following services are covered: examinations and assessments; preventive services; restorative services to repair broken teeth and cavities; x-rays; oral surgery to remove teeth or abnormal tissue; anaesthesia; endodontic services to treat infection and pain; periodontal services to treat gum conditions and diseases; prosthodontic services, including dentures, will also be covered to a certain extent under the OSDCP.

Dental care services are provided through Public Health and participating Community Health Centres (CHC), Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHAC), as well as mobile dental clinics in some areas.

OSDCP began on November 20, 2019 and access to the full range of dental services varied across the province. The program was to continue to expand but is now on hold due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless you can still apply for when the program restarts.  There are several options available for applying for the OSDCP-apply online at Ministry of Health website; go to the website where you can print, fill out, and mail your application; visit your local public health unit or a participating CHC and/or AHAC to pick up an application form and/or get support with completing your application.  Remember to call ahead because there are different requirements in place during the pandemic.

If your application is approved you will be mailed a welcome package and a dental card. To receive dental services, you then book an appointment with Hastings Prince Edward Public Health by calling 613-966-5500 ext. 680.  The above is from For information on services currently offered by Community Care please call 613-476-7493 and leave a detailed message.

We have many services to help seniors live at home and to support the choice to stay in self-isolation.  This include hot/frozen Meals on Wheels, grocery & library book delivery, webinars, telephone group chats, etc.  The Thrift Shop has reopened and is taking donations by appointment only.

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-Debbie MacDonald Moynes