Picton’s Cenotaph should shine in darkness of night

I was sitting in Picton’s Cenotaph parkette, reflecting on the monumental loss of Prince Edward County residents to wars throughout the 20th century. The number of names engraved on that obelisk is staggering. There are even soldiers’ names engraved on the stone lectern. But at night time, this monument to those who fought for our privileges just fades away into the background.

It struck me that it should be lit up at night so we never take for granted our history and the place our County men (and women) played in ensuring our Canadian way of life is never taken for granted. So, I bought four solar spot lights and placed them at each corner, thinking this would be my way, even if by a small gesture, to thank those fallen soldiers and remind us of their sacrifice throughout the night.

Unfortunately solar lights do not have sufficient lumens to light up that obelisk (and one was faulty!).

So here is my challenge to you electrical contractors out there. Approach our civic leaders and offer your services to install more permanent and brighter lights at the four corners of this monument, so that even at night, passing motorists and pedestrians will have cause to notice and hopefully also reflect on their history and the history of this County that lost so many dedicated men to war.

The cenotaph should be the focal point of this intersection and not the commercial establishments which presently light up the night.

Hilary A. Amolins