LETTER:Poor ferry service begs privatization question

Is it time to privatize the Glenora Ferry?

This question is deserving of serious consideration. Yet another summer where the Province of Ontario has failed miserably to provide an adequate service. Let me be clear this is not in any way a criticism of the men and women who crew the ferry, they do a great job. This is clearly lousy management.

Who is to blame? Is it local management, MTO Kingston, Queens Park or all of them? This is not only about tourist traffic. What about the people who must rely on this service every day to go to and from work?

What a terrible disservice they face.

In the last election Premier Ford told of how his government would build more and better highways to get people home from work faster to spend more time with family. He must have meant the 905 and 416 areas of the province and forgot his logic should apply to the 613 area as well. Why are the County councils of Prince Edward and Lennox and Addington silent on this problem? In case all of those responsible for this have forgotten perhaps they should read the sign posted at the ferry dock which says in part this is a “connecting link of the highway.

People are being delayed up to 1 hour or more some days to get home from work. To all levels of government get your heads out of wherever you have them stuck and fix this problem

Randy Fairman