Concern over MOECC’s role applies elsewhere

The editorial comments in the Oct. 19 edition were right on the mark. In fact, the issues raised concerning the Green Energy Act (GEA) and installation of wind turbines could have gone farther and noted the link between the GEA and the waters of Picton Bay.

This spring it came to light that the GEA allowed shipping companies taking rock to Amherst Island (for wind turbine installation) to avoid the usual oversight processes. After all, our provincial government appears to think anything that’s labeled “green” needs no further examination.

However, residents of Picton and Bloomfield soon learned that setting aside those oversight processes would have a direct impact on their water supply. The lack of a review of the rationale and potential environmental impact of rock transport by barges culminated in an un-seaworthy barge sinking in Picton Bay and a 10 day boil water advisory.

In addition, the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) non-profit has much in common with the Save Picton Bay non-profit organization. Both are motivated to protect and preserve our natural resources; both are more than frustrated by the lack of oversight and enforcement of Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) legislation; both are working hard to protect landowners from contaminated wells.

While wind turbine construction has contaminated wells in southern Ontario, salt run off generated by Picton Terminals has done the same to local landowners. Although wpd Canada originates in Germany and Picton Terminals is owned locally, both appear to act without regard for the rules that are in place to protect citizens and our natural resources from their thirst for profit.

wpd Canada threatens to start construction without approvals and Picton Terminals leaves salt piles uncovered beyond the legal time limits. The rain storms and high winds of the past few weeks have allowed tonnes of salt to wash or blow into our bay yet the MOECC, our environmental protector, allows Picton Terminals to continue to operate.

The chant that lead the march through downtown Picton was ‘MOECC, get out of bed with wpd” could easily have been changed to “MOECC, get out of bed with Picton Terminals.”

Kudos to all who support APPEC and Save Picton Bay. Yes, it is time for all Ontarians to take up this fight and set politics aside for the health of citizens and our environment.

Deb Reddon