Dangerous intersection requires attention

Recently, my wife and I witnessed an accident between a dump trunk and a Volkswagen Golf at the intersection of County Rd. 1 and Hwy 62. Had the Golf moved half a second earlier, there would more than likely have been two fatalities.

We have a home in Consecon and use this road regularly. In discussion with other locals and members of the local OPP, this intersection has a very bad reputation. Tourists often mistake this intersection for a four-way stop. Also, traffic approaching this intersection from the south on Hwy 62 almost always exceeds the speed limit. This north bound section of highway leading into the intersection is downhill and on a curve adding to the potential for accidents.

This intersection requires immediate attention before there are fatalities.

A traffic round-about, a four-way stop or a traffic light would be simple solutions. I realize this would take time to implement because we’re dealing with both provincial and municipal jurisdictions. The very least that could be done immediately is to reduce the speed on Hwy 62 leading into this intersection to 60 km per hour. Most drivers on Hwy 62 do 100 km per hour or more.

Please let us know what the plans are for this intersection. Time is of the essence because this intersection is a disaster waiting to happen.

Herrie ten Cate and
Jet Belgraver