Committee to see development charges background study Thursday

(Gazette file photo)

Councillors will receive a development charges background study that will help form the basis of the charges going forward during Thursday’s committee-of-the-whole meeting.

Prepared by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd., the study recommends new development charges and policies for the municipality. The company worked with senior municipal staff in preparing the study and the policy recommendations.

The study recommends a development charge of $6,707 for single and semi-detached dwellings greater than two bedrooms and $4,712 for single and semi-detached dwellings equal to or less than two bedrooms. Apartments with two or more bedrooms would have a development charge of $4,494 while those with one bedroom would be charged $3,100. Non-residential buildings would be charged $3.36 per square foot of gross floor area.

The study includes a development charge for industrial wind turbines and solar farms of $4,603 per 500 kilowatts of generating capacity.

The study recommends cancelling the current 50 per cent reduction to development charges for residential development within serviced and partially-serviced areas of the county by December 2018. It indicates the municipality has forgone approximately $1.2 million in development charges revenue since the policy was implemented in 2013.

The study uses background information, residential and non-residential growth forecasts, future infrastructure and equipment requirements, and lifecycle costs to help establish the charges. Among the services considered in the background report are services related to highways, fire protection, outdoor and indoor recreation, libraries, administration, homes of the aged, and marinas and boat launches.

The study estimates a net population increase in Prince Edward County of 1,306 in the decade between 2018 and 2028.

The background study and proposed bylaw must be posted publicly at least 60 days prior to the passing of the bylaw and a statutory public meeting is required.

The committee meets in Shire Hall at 1 p.m. Thursday.