Lillian Emily Cole

Lillian Emily Cole (Née Byers)
June 10th 1925-November 20th 2010

I watched your days blow away, like fall leaves
Colours flaming brightly, then quickly gone
Your branches now bare-limbed, but I believe
For you, eternal autumn lingers on
Strength and grace, not unlike the stately elm
Bending, never breaking, your roots ran deep
You sheltered many in your loving realm
Then winter came, and time for you to sleep
But all these many years
I have been told
We shared the same visage and hazel eye
And, missing you, I’ve only to behold
Your face in every mirror that I pass by
And in my own three lovely girls I see
A part of you forever lives through me.

In loving memory, today and always. granddaughter Laurie , Allan, Brianna, Sarah & Delaney Burgess