Councillors to see small remuneration increase in 2018

Committee of the whole saw a report on 2018 council remuneration last week.

The report says the 2018 recommended remuneration amounts were calculated by applying the Consumer Price Index increase of about 1.5 per cent to the 2017 approved remuneration.

That would bring the remuneration for the mayor to $39,116 and to $19,558 for councillors. Committee chairs would receive $1,630 while the committee chair honorarium would move to $132.

Council and County staff currently receive a kilometerage rate of 50 cents per kilometre. That was last adjusted in 2013. After reviewing automobile allowance rates issued by Canada Revenue Agency and South Ontario Fuel Prices issued by the Ministry of Energy, staff recommended the rate remain unchanged.

Council will do a more complete review of remuneration levels prior to the next municipal election.