DAFOE, Velma

In memory of Velma Dafoe My wife Velma for 51 years. The love of my life, gone 8 years. I couldn’t have found a better partner and wife. We had the relationship and commitment few can achieve and the rest dream of. The 1st year in the army was tough financially, but it got better quickly. Through good jobs and investments we were able to do any and everything we ever dreamed of. We spent 50 years travelling the world at every opportunity. In 1985 my wife bought me a new Harley Davidson, we flew it to Europe on a 747 and toured Europe for the summer. The most important thing I ever said was our wedding vows – Love, Honour and Cherish, and I practiced that every day. I was away many times in the army, Germany, Cyprus, Jerusalem, Beirut and many other places for extended periods of time. And always engraved in my mind when I looked in the mirror were the words – Love, Honour and Cherish. One last word of advice… Hug your wife and tell her you love her daily, that chance may be gone in a heart beat. God gave man no greater reward after a life time of commitment, then to spend your twilight years in each others arms watching the sun go down. John Dafoe