Picton the wrong place for large development

A lump of coal in the stocking of the town planner who approved a new housing development behind Barker Street. The developers are planning to build 37 single-detached residential lots and 48 townhouse dwellings units, plus a five- store, 140 unit apartment block, and that is only the first phase.

We all acknowledge the need for more housing in Picton, but who in their right mind would approve such a development in the midst of town. There are plenty of areas on the outskirts of Picton which could accommodate such a large development without impacting so many residents. One option would be the empty lot next to Argyle Crescent or McFarland Drive.

It is also bad planning to be closing an elementary school while at the same planning a housing development that can accommodate almost 500 occupants.

So bah humbug to County council, Picton will never be the same after this.

Cathy Doheny