Brenda Tripp-McQuaid
April 6, 1978 – February 1, 2013
Mom: You are near
Even if I don’t see you
You are with me
Even if you are far away
You are in my heart, In my thoughts,
In my life,

Love & Miss You Addie & Braydon

My Daughter: I forgot to read the fine print,
When I signed up to
be your Mom,
I thought it would be hugs and smiles
And quite a lot of fun.
I didn’t see the bit that read
Of pain, loss, grief and despair
I didn’t know that you’d be gone,
And that life could be so unfair.
But I am still your mother
I will be everyday
If I had read the fine print,
I would have signed up anyway.
Love & miss you beyond words 
Till we see each other again….