Local business aids educational program

For the past eight years, Pure County Bottled Water has generously supported elementary school participation in a program to reintroduce Atlantic salmon, a native species, to Lake Ontario.

Owners George and Tammy Storms provide an essential ingredient, namely pure water for the cold water aquariums. This year, elementary classes from seven area schools are participating . Each class receives three 18.9 L jugs of County Water free of charge, thereby enhancing the survival rate of the 100 eggs installed per aquarium on Jan 24.

Come May, the students will release their resultant Atlantic salmon fry into Cobourg Brook and in the process will have learned about environmental issues, wildlife and stream stewardship.

Once again, small business rises to the occasion! Thank you to George and‚ÄąTammy for your contributions.

Gerry Walker

Quinte program co-ordinator

RR3 Consecon