Inside The Library: Expansion would improve Picton Makerspace

Library Makerspaces are a popular topic of discussion. They take on many different forms, contain a variety of resources and tools, and range in size and square footage. One thing they all have in common is that they provide space and tools for people of all ages to come to the library and create.

The Makerspace of the Picton branch library is currently housed in what was formerly the teen room. This space acts as a makerspace, meeting room, hangout space for youth, and programming room all rolled into one. Unfortunately this means it’s not 100 per cent available for those who want to drop by and “make” something.

We have a number of “maker” related tools, but no dedicated space to allow patrons to utilize them on a regular basis. That is where the Picton branch library expansion will come to the rescue!

What will the new expansion look like for the Makerspace? First it needs to be said that nothing is set in stone. The draft plans are still a work in progress and layout has not been decided. If you would like to see the draft plans, come into the Picton branch library or visit our web site (

Our plans now include a digital design lab, which will be a soundproof space, for sound recording, video recording, and creation. This space which will allow patrons to bring their own instruments, or borrow from the Musical instrument Lending Library and create audio recordings, or use the green screen and video equipment to create films, vlogs, conduct interviews, and whatever else one’s imagination can conjure.

The space will have a computer station, specifically outfitted with sound, video, and image editing software to enable the user to have a “one-stop-shop” for all their media needs.

We also plan to have a dedicated Makerspace which is always available during open hours for you to come and use the equipment, resources, and tools available. One potential upgrade to service would be to offer patron driven access to the 3D Printers. This means that instead of you e-mailing a file, or bringing it on a USB for us to print, and then arranging a pick up date, you will be able to run the machine and getting to monitor the print. We will offer 3D certification courses and staff will always be on hand to help.

This new space with the expansion would offer so many new opportunities for our community to really have a hands-on and interactive experience with our maker-technology and resources. Having the dedicated space to allow our patrons to freely access digital design, and maker technology within our rural library, is one of the many ways in which we are working to bridge the digital divide and provide access to technology. If you’re inspired to learn more or to contribute to the building project, visit

-Julie Lane