Westervelt card of thanks

The family of the late Johanna Westervelt would like to thank everyone for their support in prayer, words and deeds over the last few months of her life, specifically in the last week of her life. Known by many as ‘Oma’, we thank those who have been there for her over the years with visits, cards, rides to here and there. The family is especially thankful for Oma’s granddaughter, Teresa Westervelt and her husband Bruce Cole and their 3 children who lived with Oma in her home, so that she could remain in that home, as she desired, until the end. We want to thank Michelle Macey from Community Access, and her staff who also helped make staying at home a possibility. Thank you to Dr. Koval and his staff for Oma’s health care over the years. Thank you to the doctors and staff at PECMH, BGH, and TMH for the care Oma received after her fall. A special thanks to staff and volunteers at Hospice Prince Edward for the care and kindness to both Oma and her family in her last few days. Thank you to Whattam Funeral Home and their staff for the caring way in which the family was treated and in preparing everything for us as we said our final goodbyes. Thank you to all of those who visited the funeral home and/or attended the funeral and shared our loss with us. Thank you for cards sent, flowers and kind words of condolence. For those who were there in spirit because of the inclement weather. Many thanks for all the donations made in Oma’s memory. Thank you to Pastor Gregg Lawson for his words at the funeral and for the lovely lunch the ladies from Oma’s church family (who were very important to Oma) served after the funeral. Many thanks to those who played a role behind the scenes at the funeral. Thank you to Ike and Cheryl for hosting a celebration party where family reminisced and remembered great times with Oma and to Gib for his attempt at ‘Oma soup’. We have tried to include everyone in this thank you. If you have been overlooked please accept our apologies, for it is not our intent to leave anyone out. Oma was loved very much and will be missed by many. We are happy that she was ‘our Oma’ but we were happy to share her with many. Thank you to all!!!!!!