I would like to thank

I would like to thank the Paramedics that were so quick to respond to our 911 call on Wednesday February 21st. Sorry I can’t remember your names, but you were an awesome three some and soon had me on my way to the Hospital. A big thank you to Dr. Colby and the Emergency room Nurses for all your excellent care upon my arrival. Team work “plus”, couldn’t have possibly received better. To the Nurses on 2nd Floor, working short handed a good deal of the time, and still making sure that every patient got the attention that was needed. You girls “ROCK” can’t thank you enough for the super attention I received while a patient there. To my family who had to dress ‘in garbs” to come in and visit me – hey, guys-sorry – but we were still able to see the humour in it. Thank you for your love and support. To those who called, visited, sent flowers and well wishes, I can’t thank you enough for your cares and concerns. Thanks to the gals from Quinte & District Rehab for your support and guidance upon returning home. My apologies if I have left anybody out. Again, thanks to everyone for all the “hugs” and love sent my way for a speedy recovery. Betty Matthews