Anne Ireland
The anniversary of your death is here and I want to write down some of what being loved by you has meant to me.
A friend of mine asked me for some help and so I drove with him over to the County from Deseronto where I met you. On the ride home from Wellington, he teased me and said, grinning, “You like that cute, slender, Redhead don’t you.’
You brought the arts to me, in your painting, the people that you introduced me to, dancing took us to New York City – wow my neck still aches from looking up – Thanks.
Heading to Algonquin Park in the spring so that you could see Moose up close, you were into your fight with cancer and I had to ask you to slow down quite often while we hiked the trails.
You accepted the fact that we were not perfect, we talked about the hard things and laughed about the joyful moments – “find joy in each day”, Thanks again.
When you told me that you just wanted to be part of what I was doing and I had been getting all defensive about your interjection – amazingly you got through to me and you opened everything up, at that moment I was enlightened – I love you so much. Thanks for everything.
Thanks for sharing your inner beauty with me. I’m humbled by your grace. I miss you, want to kiss you! Jim