Guy Mattinson
March 24, 1933 – April 7, 2013
In memory of our dear husband, father, grandfather and friend.
I hope I make you proud dad, even though you’re no longer here,
Your memory grows stronger, with every passing year.
At the end it was a battle, one you weren’t to win,
A fight against a demon, no choice but to give in.
I wish I could’ve said goodbye, that evening when you left,
Told you, you were my hero, and that you were the best.
Tears I cry in secret, at night before I sleep,
Wishing you were beside me, you’d be forever here to keep.
The years don’t make it easier, they said the pain would go,
It seems I’ve just got better, not letting my feelings show.
Wishing I could hold your hand, to shout your name aloud,
You’re no longer here dad, but I hope I make you proud.
Forever loved and missed by wife Shirley, family & friends.