Increased HST makes sense for funding crunch

With regard to the letter by Dennis Fox and the value of tourism in the county and how much we all benefit. His call for a tourism tax is timely with a provincial election right around the corner.

I would suggest we do it this way. The municipalities approached the provincial government about adding one per cent to the HST and designating it as a municipal tax. This is a wonderful idea for several reasons and I would go further and make it the full two per cent that the federal government chopped off the HST several years ago.

We have a great chance right now to get this done right and we will all benefit.Add one or two per cent to the HST clearly marked for the municipalities and payed to them based exactly on what is collected in each municipality.

That way all tourists leave their tax dollars in the county.Also all residents of the county who shop and spend in here rather than say Quinte, feather their own nest.Property taxes never go down, the way things are now. This would go a long way to reversing that trend and make us masters of our own house.

The provincial government said no the last time they were asked about this issue. I say why do they get to decide about our municipal tax.Tell them this is what we are doing and get on board.

Tourists would now look totally different,they would look like cash cows,smiles and thank- yous all around. You all come back now,you hear.

Kurt Crist