NAIM, Ezra

Ezra Naim
April 7, 2018
Yesterday under the noonday sun we buried you in the earth of your homeland. Earth, rich and moist in its tone of brown, familiar to you from years of tending the land of our citrus farm, not far from this new burial ground, surrounded by the greens of yet more orange trees, we lowered you into your new home. It seemed strangely familiar and so right for you to be in this place of rest. Embraced by our friends, your extraordinary warm and caring family, as well as with thoughts of love of many afar, including your grandson Aleksander Рyour daughter Julia and I, we parted with your body. Zuni sheli, I shall look for you within the silence of no words forever.  My deep appreciation goes to Dr. Colby, Dr. Le Blanc, Dr. Christie and Heather Campbell, for your warmth and attention during his struggle of pain, to honour his need to die with dignity. Thank you РFrom Israel
Jutta Naim