O’NEIL, Brian

Brian O’Neil
In loving memory of our son and father who passed away June 25, 2007.
Brian its been eleven years since you have been gone, and we miss you just as much now as then.
Beyond our smile there lies a tear, for the Son we lost and loved so much.
Wherever we are or whatever we do, always dear Son, we are thinking of you.
Though the tears in our eyes may glisten, and our faces are not always sad, there is never a night or morning that we do not think of the Son we had.
Only those who have loved a son know how we feel, At times it seems like our hearts will never heal but we look at your picture and you seem to smile and say, your broken hearts will heal I know, when we’re together again someday.
I will be glad to be with you Son, again,
Your son Bradley helps with the hurt that you are not here with us.
Love you always Brian, Till then, Mother, Father and Bradley