Letter: Advance notice for closing ceremony lacking

I’ve got to have my say and I’m not going to mince words! I guess I’m out of the loop because I wasn’t on Facebook!

Since when is Facebook the “ be all and end all” for informing the general public of such important functions such as the closing ceremonies for Queen Elizabeth School? Am I the only one who is upset? I missed it! I didn’t see an announcement in the Gazette, County Weekly News, The Times or Intelligencer announcing this special event. I don’t look at Countylive.ca everyday or listen to 99.3FM all the time. I’m not on my computer 24/7!

As a former primary teacher at Queen Elizabeth for 15 years in the late 1960s and 1990s .I was disappointed to learn that I had missed the afternoon closing ceremonies and then the evening celebration! When I spoke with six of my retired teacher friends, all of whom had taught at the school and knew nothing about this event, I was incensed! They were too! We all agreed we had missed a golden opportunity to connect with former students, their parents and our colleagues. There are retired teachers who attended as students in the 1950s who wished they’d been informed.

For a measly $3. an ad could have been placed in local papers in the Coming Events column, inviting former students, teachers and principals to attend.

It appears to me that the long range planning for this auspicious occasion was non existent! A planning committee would have had the foresight to contact alumni and arranged for comprehensive media coverage before and after the event.

There is a host of retired Queen Elizabeth teachers right here in Picton who would have been happy to spearhead a group to help plan and publicize this historic day.

May I say, the same situation occurred last year at this time when Pinecrest Memorial School was closed on its 50th anniversary! I loved that school and the children in my charge for 12 glorious years.

Former principals, teachers who started their careers in 1967 and students attended. Again, for 50 years in existence, the Pinecrest celebration was disappointing! Retired teachers were never contacted to assist with this milestone event.

If we are going to teach our students to appreciate their past, to develop a passion for history and investment in our heritage, we need to lead by example. And so, I say a joint reunion is much needed to rekindle old friendships with our former Queen Elizabeth and Pinecrest school classmates and teachers, to relive the good times and the hard times, to recount the school excursions and laugh about the shenanigans of some as well as to gain the correct contact information to stay in touch.

As a teacher, it’s all about “investment” in your school community, the love a teacher has for the students they have taught and the bonds formed with their families over the years. When you think of it, Queen Elizabeth School has impacted the lives of its students, teachers and community for almost 70 years! Pinecrest for 50 years!

If you are a former student or teacher of these historic schools and believe a joint celebration would be appreciated, please get in touch with me and an event will be planned for later in the summer or early fall. The numbers of those interested will determine the outcome, so it’s up to you to respond to [email protected] or 613-645-2035.

Kathryn (Camp) Reed