With announcement of province’s intentions, County to honour White Pines road users agreement

(Gazette file photo)

The County will continue to honour its road users agreement with the wpd White Pines Wind Project.

A news release Wednesday afternoon indicates the municipality’s intention is to continue honouring the agreement signed back in 2016.

Mayor Robert Quaiff says in the release it wouldn’t be prudent to do otherwise at this juncture.

“While the government of Ontario has signalled its intent to cancel the industrial wind turbine project in South Marysburgh, it is premature for the municipality to take any action before provincial legislation is passed,” Quaiff says. “We anxiously await the provincial legislation in order to better understand what effect it will have on this project.”

The release says the County learned about the province’s intention to cancel the industrial wind project through a press release issued on July 10. In a statement, Quaiff commended the provincial government for its intention to cancel the project and noted that county council declared the municipality an unwilling host to industrial wind turbines back in 2013.

The municipality entered into the road users agreement with the wpd White Pines Wind Project in order to protect local roads and infrastructure during the construction of the nine-turbine development. The agreement includes requirements of wpd White Pines in the event the project is cancelled.

The company has already requested 13 oversize load move permits for the remainder of this week with an additional 14 permits requested for next week. The municipality will resume issuing the permits once it resolves localized road surface damage that occurred last week, the release says.

The first session of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario will open on Thursday, July 12 when the Lieutenant-Governor will deliver the speech from the throne.