Letter: Support for White Pines greater than politicians say

It is time that Mayor Robert Quaiff is corrected on the information that he continues to spread to the media.

The people of South Marysburgh (only South Marysburgh) took a vote over five years ago that had been organized by the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC), the small group of people against wind turbines in Prince Edward County. This meeting to vote was against the Gilead wind project at Long Point, not White Pines, their concerns being quite different from the issues that faced the White Pines Wind Project, which is located partially in Athol ward and partly in South Marysburgh. This vote, from the past, is long outdated. It is about the wrong wind project, wrong wind company, and only involved South Marysburgh residents.The turbines that can be seen today are in Athol.

Quaff chooses not to hear from anybody else except APPEC when he announces that “the County is an unwilling host.” With a population of about 25,000 and a group of protestors, at the absolute most 200 (judging by the parade down Main Street in Picton), this hardly speaks for the majority of Prince Edward County.

An online petition started earlier this week had over 10,000 signatures in a day supporting the wind project. Quaff, Todd Smith, and Steve Ferguson do not speak for the people of Prince Edward County. They speak for themselves and their own personal views. If they looked at the bigger picture, they would see the county is a willing host.

Jen Ackerman