Local woman develops online resource for parents seeking child care

A NEW RESOURCE- Kaitlin Rivers started a new online social media resource after having difficulty finding a care giver for her daughter Kenzie. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)



It was really out of necessity that Kaitlin Rivers started the Babysitters, Daycare Providers and More for Prince Edward County page on the social media site Facebook.

An online rolodex of resources ranging from babysitting and child care to clubs and after shcool programs, the site is an interactive, one stop social media page for parents looking for care and activities for their children.

“It really started because I was in need of a babysitter,” Rivers told the Gazette.

The caregiver that minded Kaitlin’s five-year-old daughter Kenzie was retiring in September, leaving Rivers in need once the school year commenced.

Rivers started to look around and contact child care concerns such as The Hub but, despite a host of offerings in terms of programs and services, couldn’t find the exact service she was looking for.

“I needed a babysitter that could do evenings and weekends in my home on short notice,” Rivers said.

After scouring the internet and placing ads in various social media community-based pages, Rivers was still searching for someone to look after Kenzie when the need might arise.

She eventually did find a site where parents can post online for child care position for free, however the cost to get the contact information of applicants was $50 and there was no guarantee that the person applying would take the job.

“I really did my research and looked around and there was simply nothing out there for parents in my position,” Rivers said. “I felt there should be a place where babysitters can advertise for free.”

So Rivers when about creating a social media page where babysitters and child care givers could post their openings.

But not just an online job site for Prince Edward County care givers, Rivers wanted the site to be much more than that.

“I want it to be an all encompassing resource for parents so they can have access to everything that’s out there not just daycare and babysitter but after school programs and clubs. And there wasn’t anything that I could find online that did that,” Rivers said.

The resource currently lists programing offered by the HUB as wells as programming for in home care providers, Picton Martial Arts and Fitness and the Prince Edward County Minor Hockey Association and the group membership continues to grow daily.

For more information, place visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/430176410810870/