Dollars for haul-out space at Picton Marina referred to budget

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Funding to facilitate a crane haul-out space for boats at Picton Marina will be a topic of discussion this fall.

During their Aug. 16 committee-of-the-whole meeting, councillors supported a motion to refer a report on the cost of the haul-out space to the upcoming 2019 budget deliberations for discussion.

Back in December 2017, council approved a motion to include $5,000 in the 2018 operating budget for improvements to the Picton Marina to provide haul outs. The same motion asked for a staff report and analysis on the potential to provide haul-out services at the marina. That funding was ultimately removed during the budget process, but the report came forward to committee last week.

The report indicates municipal staff met with the owner and operator of Napanee Crane Rentals who have provided haul-out crane services at the Picton Yacht Club for many years and is familiar with the Picton Marina.

“After reviewing the site it was determined that the crane could set up at the existing boat ramp to provide private haul-out services,” the report says. “To provide sufficient clear zone for haul out at this location, a light post will need to be relocated from the existing location approximately 10 feet towards the dock.”

The report pegs the cost associated with moving the light post at $3,500.

Speaking to the prospect of providing haul-out services at the marina, the report says the municipality has not arranged for lifts in the past and doesn’t contemplate doing so in the future. It says the County can make space available to the crane rental company and issue any necessary road occupancy permits each time a lift is required.

The idea of a dedicated haul-out space at the marina was brought forward to council in November 2017 by resident John Clarke. He said the busy harbour lacks space to allow a crane to haul out and relaunch large boats.

Clarke appeared before committee again last week to voice support for the proposal.

“I was quite impressed to be told this was on the agenda for today’s meeting because, frankly, I thought after my presentation last December that it was a dead issue,” he said. “I’m just so happy to see that it’s here, I support the whole thing and I would be more than happy to work with the engineering department on some of the details and hopefully it can go ahead.”

Councillor David Harrison said he supported the move. Harrison said back in November that space is definitely needed at the marina.