Letter: Genuine majority applauded project’s cancellation

Your last edition contained a full page ad for a “family friendly meeting” under an “awesome, beautiful” turbine in the south County later this month.

In their ad, the advertiser(s) did not disclose the possibility that they are one, some or a combination of owners who leased their lands for turbines (now devastated and to be expensively renovated), the frustrated German proponent wpd White Pines and CanWea, the trade organization of the wind industry.

Their attempt is futile. White Pines is dead, killed by an Act of the Ontario Legislature which received prompt Royal Assent. It cannot be revived.

Strangely, the advertiser(s) also claim to be in the majority while in real life the rescue of the county’s economy, landscape, major avian pathway and endangered species from a disastrous project imposed without municipal consent, whose minor output was not required as Ontario has an excess of electricity supply (which is sold at a loss picked up by all tax and hydro bill payers) was applauded and welcomed by a genuine majority of county residents and businesses.

Members of that majority, should they attend, will-according to the ad-be characterized as “unwelcome troublemakers” and “escorted off the private property”.

But good luck with the kite flying, hot dogs and corn on the cob offered as inducements by the ad.

Garth Manning