Stories from our Past Jan. 16, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Ameliasburgh – The Wellington Juniors have challenged our team for a friendly game of hockey at the skating arena on the 22nd, and our Captain, Mr. Ernest Lewis, accepted the challenge. Puck faced at 2 p.m. We trust everyone will turn out to see the sport and encourage our boys.
  • Prince Edward farmers could certainly coin money if they had hens of the laying variety, just at present. The trade in new laids is practically nil, for they cannot be obtained. Prices are going up, up, up and even then some market reporters say they are quoted at $0.40 a dozen—well try to get them.
  • Picton’s splendid new Collegiate Institute is to have a counter part. With the municipal elections just past, Smith Fall’s taxpayers decided to build a $46,000 school.


  • Upper Black Creek Branch of the South Marysburgh War Emergency Sewing Circle of the Red Cross was organized by Mrs. Ralph Grimmon, at the home of Mrs. D. Palmatier. Miss Edith Miller is president.
  • Letter to the Editor: Please find here-within subscription renewal, as I can hardly afford to miss the news from the dear old homeland, which usually reaches me on Monday. I enjoy reading of the business and social activities along with the advertisements and lost and found column, and frequently find news of relatives and friends which otherwise I wouldn’t get. -T. Frank Cory
  • Picton Armouries provides a fine recreational centre for soldiers now in Picton. At the present time there is need for sports equipment such as softballs, bats, boxing gloves, punching bags or any gymnasium equipment.


  • Ameliasburgh Township’s new fire trucks stand ready for action in their new, corrugated steel garage near Rossmore. Captain Roger Fleming and volunteer fireman William Bowerman, displayed one of the two portable oxygen tanks and masks used by firemen to enter smoke-filled buildings.
  • Notice-I will not be responsible for any depts incurred in my name by my wife, Sharon Duetta, without my written or verbal consent as she has left my home and board. – Doug Duetta.
  • Extensive damage by vandals is reported on at least one of the outdoor skating rinks set up around town by Recreation and Parks Committee. Chairman Harold McLoughlin told town council an expensive scoreboard and sign erected at Delhi Park where one rink is located, has been punched full of holes and the lights smashed out.


  • The Glenora Ferry was out of service for about 24 hours on the weekend due to high winds and ice in the Bay of Quinte. The services were down from Sat. at 6 a.m. to Sun. 6 a.m.
  • For the third time in two months there has been a theft of drugs from Teasels Drug Store, Main St., Picton. This time was a “smash and grab” effort which netted thieves $115 worth of narcotics.
  • The first euchre party of Consecon community was held in the Masonic Hall. Ladies’ high was won by Lulu Anderson; low, Irene Alyea; men’s high, Lorne Alyea; low, Lloyd York. Lone hand went to Evelyn Weir.