Never a dull moment at Community Care

It’s a hopping place at the Community Care office.

The phone rings and people come and go.  There are people coming in for: activities such as Tai Chi or Wii Bowling League; meetings such as stroke support or the multiple myeloma support group; and for appointments with staff or for foot care.  Then there are the reminder calls that are regularly made to clients to make sure they don’t miss events or appointments.

If you enjoy a fast pace in a changing environment the Community Care reception desk might be just the place for you.  Three hours a week is all it takes to get involved in this volunteer position.  You will be scheduled in at a time that works for you.  We even schedule around the trips and cruises that our volunteers go on every now and then.

We currently have volunteers Don, Susan, Freddie, Joyce and Joan helping at the desk.  A full orientation is provided and staff support is readily available.  The reception volunteers are shown how to use the computer to make appointments.  They receive an overview on the use of the phone and taking messages.

When people come to the Community Care office we don’t know at the outset what they are there for.  Might be for an activity or event as described above.  It might also be because they are seeking information for their friend or family member (or for themselves).  Sometimes the person presenting at the desk wants to be a volunteer and they are wanting more information and an appointment to start the conversation.

Whatever brings people into the office we work hard to ensure that they come into a warm and welcoming environment.  It’s important that the people at the reception desk greet everyone with a smile and an offer to help.  That’s what we strive for.  We try to live our vision statement “the freedom and dignity of choice, the comfort of home, a passion for volunteers.”

If you think that you’d like to join us in this important work then we invite you to contact Prince Edward Community Care today at 613-476-7493 or you can email us at [email protected] Check out our website and watch the videos of our real volunteers talking about their experience.  Contact us soon and start the conversation about volunteering.

We’re waiting to greet you with a smile!

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes