Local frontline care worker distancing from family in RV

HOME AWAY FROM HOME (Right) While practicing safe social distancing, Al Robinson of Great Canadian RV in Peterborough delivering an RV to (left) Ryan Hall of Picton. (Submitted photo).




When Picton’s  Ryan Hall, an emergency health care worker at Belleville General Hospital (BHG) sent an email to Al and Stacey Robinson, owners of Great Canadian RV (GCRV) in Peterborough asking for an RV small enough to fit a space so he could distance himself from his family during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Robinsons knew they had to help in anyway they could.

Stacey Robinson explained she received a compelling email from Hall last week explaining that the frontline worker wanted to protect his family while he was still providing care during this critical and unprecedented time when workers such as he are serving vital roles.

“Ultimately, we didn’t have anything that was small enough to fit his needs because he has a spacial issue where he wanted to park the RV,” said Stacey  Robinson. “We reached out to our dealer network and we have a really good friend Kirk Thomson who owns Can Am RV in London, and Can Am is known as the Airstream dealer but they also deal with different products. Thankfully they had a previously enjoyed RV  that met the criteria.”

The Robinsons and Thomson quickly worked together to make all the arrangements and the two RV dealership owners met in Toronto late last week to transfer the unit. GCRV performed the pre-delivery inspection at their headquarters in Peterborough  and delivered the trailer to Hall at his home in Picton on Tuesday so he may continue to work the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19 without risking the well being of his family. 

Both dealerships have worked to deliver the  unit at the whole sale price to Hall and are not charging delivery fees. The Robinson’s state no profit for either dealership was made on the purchase

“As dealer’s we agreed we we’re going to whole sale this unit and not charge any fees affiliated, as we normally would,” Al Robinson expressed. “Kirk sold it to us for his cost and we sold it to Ryan for that cost. We delivered it with no charge and we filled it up with some necessities, again at no charge.”

In addition GCRV has included complimentary necessities and the application of a new product called Xmicrobe to the interior, an EPA approved application that kills 99 per cent of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Both dealerships are quoted as proud to help in the fight against COVID-19 wherever possible.

“This is a good news story and we support those brave frontline workers who need help,” Stacey Robinson added.