Stories from our past – April 2, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Bowerman’s – Mrs. L. Fleming and son and Miss Madeline Delong of Toronto are visiting friends and relatives at this place.
  • South Bay – Mr. Andrew Thomas, our storekeeper is doing a big business in eggs. As he pays the highest price everybody is taking their eggs to him.
  • Hillier – The school at Niles’ corner has been closed on account of an epidemic of measles. Miss Purser, the teacher, has gone home for the Easter holidays.
  • South Bay – Mr. Herbert Young has been appointed game inspector by the South Marysburgh council; Mr Young will make hunters and trappers observe the law.


  • Black Creek – The Black Creek Cheese Co. is installing a refrigeration plant in the factory. Mr. Hubbard of Belleville has the contract. Mr. Wm. Lancaster and son have started the fill-in now for the floor.
  • Hurled clear of their automobile over a twenty-foot embankment after the vehicle had collided  with a railway snow-plow on a level crossing at Stirling, Richard (Dick) Terry, Picton, and a brother Reginald, of Belleville, miraculously escaped death, as their car was carried along by the momentum of the train. But they didn’t escape all together.
  • Clarence Mallory, real estate agent, Bloomfield, reports the sale of the W. H. Haydon farm, north of Wellington, as a going concern to Mr. Alfred Broadbridge, Wellington, who has taken possession.


  • The seventh meeting of the Sewing Sis Girls was held in Kingerly Hall, Consecon. The roll call, “One place where shorts can suitably be worn,” was answered by 17 members present.
  • Proctor Lewyt parlayed three defensive errors by Cherry Valley into a 7-3 victory over Cherry Valley in the first game of their best of seven Pr. Ed. County hockey final.
  • Allisonville – Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot Jinks and Clifton, Wellington, were last Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rassy Istead.
  • Bloomfield Millers got off on the right foot Sunday night in the first game of the Prince Edward North Shore Hockey League finals before 200 fans. Bloomfield skated off with a 6-4 victory for their first win during the season against Palmers.


  • Dennis and Allan Smith, twins, met to celebrate their 65th birthday together for the first time in many years, last Saturday at the Fireside Inn, Picton. The brothers have two nieces in Picton and picked this town as the spot to jointly celebrate their birthday and retirements.
  • West Bloomfield – Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fox, Elmer McFaul and Mrs. Gladys McFaul called on Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nind, Belleville on Sunday afternoon. All enjoyed supper with Mr. and Mrs. Warren McFaul.
  • West Bloomfield – Ian Fox spent several days during the winter break with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fox while his parents Mr. and Mrs. David Fox were holidaying in Florida.