Activated lights on Skyway causing headaches

Monday I was southbound on 49 and was in a line of 50 cars while we waited for a green light to cross the bridge.

After 5 conga lines of northbound traffic crossed the bridge, with just a slight pause in between the flow, I walked up to the head of the southbound lineup.

Lo and behold, a young mother was stopped two car lengths back from the warning line, engrossed on her cell phone. I eventually convinced her to pull up to the stop line and walked back to my car.

Sure enough, we started getting green light signals and the traffic jam eventually reduced.

My point is: How many people realize that the signals are controlled electronically and to activate the lights an automobile must be sensed ‘ AT THE STOP LINE ‘ Maybe the warning sign should be changed to read “Stop at this line to activate traffic signals”.

It would be interesting to know just how many of County folks are aware of this requirement….much less, those from away. Maybe a public notice in the paper, and on County FM would help alleviate the some of the delays at the Skyway Bridge.

David Edward

Prince Edward County