Local foot care clinics return soon

“They’re professional and they want to help you” says a client of the Community Care foot care clinic.  Registered nurses will soon see seniors at clinics in Picton and Wellington.  For the time being the Rossmore clinic location won’t be operating.

If you’re already a client of the foot care clinic please try to be patient while we do all we can to make the clinics safe for both clients and nurses.  When the program is operational again you’ll know that because staff will call and schedule an appointment for you.  We will also announce the opening in this column.

If you’re not already a client of the program, you’re 60+, and you want to register for an appointment then please call the office at 613-476-7493 and leave a detailed message.  This is only if you’re not already a client.  If you’re already a client there’s no need to call, we’ll be calling you.

Careful and regular care of the feet is essential as people age.  It can become harder to reach ones feet, the correct tools might not be readily available, and toenails can become thicker and tougher to handle.  Each appointment at the foot care clinic is a half hour duration in a confidential setting with a registered nurse who has specialized training in foot care.  All tools are sterilized and then autoclaved.  The first appointment is $30 and subsequent appointments are $25.  Most people return every six weeks for maintenance foot care.

When we restart the program there will be many changes.  We’ll be asking clients to sign up for Pre Authorized Debit as an easy way to pay.  We’ll ask clients to sign up to receive their invoices by email.  We will have increased operating costs due to all the new procedures and supplies and we’d sure like to save on postage.  People will be asked to wear a mask while in the office.  There won’t be any visiting in the waiting room anymore.  The chairs have been removed.

Lots of things have to be done to get ready to reopen.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.  We receive calls every day and we know how important this program is for people.  For more information, and to make an appointment for foot care, call 613-476-7493 or www.communitycareforseniors.org

Income Tax for Seniors

Community Care volunteers complete income tax returns for local seniors.  It’s still not too late to submit your 2019 tax return.  Everything about this program is now contactless. If you’re a senior 60+ whose single income is $35,000 or lower or whose household income is $45,000 or lower, you may be eligible for help through this program. Volunteers have been trained by Canada Revenue Agency to complete Income Tax Returns for eligible clients. Volunteers do not complete income tax and benefit returns for: deceased persons; bankrupt individuals; for those with more than $1,000 of investment income; for individuals with capital gains/losses; or for people with business or rental income and expenses.

There is no charge, donations are accepted. Community Care can E-file your income tax.

For information call 613-476-7493 and leave a detailed message.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes