Stories from our past – June 25, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • The mercantile hay crops are not half to the acre what they were last yer, and timothy is almost annihilated all over the province of Ontario. The merchant hay so-called for horses is composed largely of the white Dutch clover, alsike clover, wire grass and short, unleaded timothy.
  • A petition for early closing was circulated not long ago by My. G. R. Hare and Mr. H. Ringer asking the town council to pass a bylaw to force all grocery shops to close at 7 o’clock in the evening the year round except Saturdays.
  • The children and staff of the Loyal True Blue Orphanage enjoyed their first outing on the water. The proprietors of the new steamer Salaberry generously offered their excellent boat to take the children any place they choose. They landed at Thompson’s Point and then hastened to the beautiful grove on the point.


  • Mr. Lloyd Minaker, who has been teaching at the senior room at Cherry Valley school, is resigning at the end of the tern and will attend Toronto University. During his several years at Cherry Valley and Salmon Point, he has made many friends who regret his departure.
  • As a result of injuries sustained when he was kicked by a horse, John S. Farrington of Greenbush suffered internal injuries and passed away in Prince Edward County Hospital on Monday.
  • Another appeal for homes to shelter children from Britain has been received here and there is an urgent need for a quick response by county people.


  • A bus trip to Ottawa was sponsored by the Liberal ladies of Prince Edward and Hastings County. Mrs. Willard Metcalfe, Mrs. Geo. Welsh, Mrs. Dan Neilson and Mrs. Malcolm enjoyed the trip. They were given  tour of the city and visited the Governor General’s estate.
  • Lavern and Blaine Way were winners at the horse show held at Wolf Island. Lavern came first in the large chariot race and Blaine places first in the small and medium class.
  • Over 200 guests enjoyed the hospitality of Mayor H. J. McFarland of Picton when he played host to the order of jesters from across Ontario. The group included many from the Toronto area and also a group from Cleveland, Ohio.


  • The Wellington Senior Citizen Club 409 was the first independent club for seniors in Prince Edward County. Past presidents include William Bennett, Eckert Pearsall, Cora Pierson and Marc Pope.
  • After taking the “B” Championship at the Annual Odessa Fastball Tournament two weekends ago, with three straight victories after an opening one run loss, the Prince Edward Combines have added a pair of wins in the Kingston Circle Fastball League.
  • An epidemic of dancing fever broke out at Prince Edward Colligiate Institute when the Tammy Cox School of Dance along with participants from the Iris Lohnnes School of Dance, Belleville, presented “The Wonderful World of Children”.