LETTER: Canada Day term achieved by nefarious means

Thirty -seven years ago, July 1, 1983 “Canada Day” was first observed as the holiday marking the birth of our country, July 1, 1867.

This change marked the abolition of a 115 year old Canadian tradition and name, replacing the  beautiful, classical and historic symbol “Dominion Day”, with the sanitized and politically  correct “Canada Day.”

It was achieved by nefarious means by Liberals, on Friday, July 9, 1982. “With only thirteen  members present, the Commons smuggled through a private members bill abolishing the 115 year old piece on Canada’s heritage with less that two minutes  debate”.

The Globe and Mail commented, “To call ourselves Dominion never was a statement of colonial servitude. It is a proud and beautiful name we chose for  ourselves and gave to the world, drawn from the 72nd Psalm . “He shall  have Dominion from sea to sea”, whence also comes our national  motto “A Mare Usque Ad Mare”

Like the Democrats in the United States, the Liberal Party of Canada appears  to have  no place for our great heritage; recently replacing some words of the National Anthem.

What other country in the world celebrates their national holiday in this manner? Do the French mark “France Day” or the Irish, “Ireland Day”? How about “Germany Day”? With no firm hand on the tiller of this great Dominion, with Canadians kidnapped by the Chinese Communist government, Parliament  shuttered and shut down  by the Prime Minister, with the help of socialist Jagmeet Singh,and the NDP; our hope is found in the words of O’ Canada- “God keep our land!”

Robert C. Wilson