Stories from our past-October 8, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • While the Demorestville Fair, the last held each year, is always to be remembered, this year it became doubly so due to a mile or more of stone covered, unfinished community road.
  • The Collegiate Institute had its annual outing on Saturday, carrying an excursion party by the Quinte Queen to Napanee, to witness Basketball and Football matches.
  • The regular monthly meeting of the Picton Women’s Institute will be held in the Public Library, this Thursday at 3:15 p.m.


  • Construction of a hydro branch line from Consecon to the new bombing and gunnery school at Mountain View is now underway.
  • Further contributions to the British War Victims’ Fund sponsored by the Toronto Evening Telegram were sent through the Sir Thomas Picton Chapter.
  • Picton Armchair Club met Wednesday night. With President Harry Pyne presiding, they made plans for a Jamboree or night of entertainment at Picton Armories on November 6th.


  • The brief but vicious gale which caused a one-hour power failure in Picton on Saturday, along with extensive debris from falling limbs and branches, also affected the rural hydro service.
  • The resignation of Jack Purtelle, President of the Prince Edward Chamber of Commerce, caused a shakeup in the Chamber’s board of directors on Monday.
  • There is speculation that Piasecki Aircraft may dispose of its 650 acre holdings at Camp Picton, following a meeting between company officials and those of Crown Assets Disposal Corporation.


  • The moving of the Cenotaph to improve the intersection at Main, Chapel, Downes and Ferguson Streets has the solid backing of the Prince Edward Chamber of Commerce.
  • Last Monday was a night of recognition for many members of the Picton Kiwanis Club, as the local service organization held its annual meeting at the Picton Golf and Country Club.
  • Athol Township Deputy Reeve David Leavitt will make a bid to step up the ladder in the November 10th election and run for reeve.