LETTER: Provide councillors opinion on tree matters

I would like to thank Olivia Timm for her clear and comprehensive summary of the Tree Management and Preservation Policy which has yet to be adopted by Council (Proposed tree policy paused, The Picton Gazette, Thursday, Nov 26, 2020).

The proposed policy is one of many Municipal tree policies which have been updated in recent years in response to a new understanding of the benefits of trees to communities. Communities are planting trees all over the world, as a strategy to mitigate climate change. Councillors are right to be concerned about costs, but the cost of planting trees is far outweighed by the mounting price of climate change. We have already experienced some of this price by recent flooding along our shorelines. It is time to tackle the ‘Climate Emergency’ in the County and start with trees.

Do let your councillors know if you want them to support the new Tree Management and Preservation policy. It is due to come back to Council in January.

Susan Banks

Prince Edward County