Stories from our past – Dec. 10, 2020

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Thursday evening last was a big night at the Globe hotel, the occasion being a complimentary farewell banquet to Mr. A. G. McDonald, tendered by his many friends and acquaintances. About seventy were present and a most enjoyable evening was spent.
  • The annual Fruit and Flower exhibit, which was held in Toronto during the past week is not as well known to our people as its merits deserve. The  St. Lawrence market was fully occupied by the boxes, barrels, and plates of fruit (principally apples) and tables of flowers and honey, together with exhibits of spray pumps and materials. 
  • The November meeting of the Cherry Valley Women’s Institute was held in the school room of the church. Mrs. David Ostrander and Mrs. Philip Farrington read very interesting papers.


  • Salvaged materials continued to arrive at Picton Fair Grounds Saturday, to be sold for the benefit of local Red Cross funds. The town truck made several trips to pick up these materials from Picton homes.
  • Noah and Walter Trumble, Demorestville, and Charles Bigg, Ridge Road have returned from a two weeks’ deer hunt, each with a fine deer. They were in the vicinity of Gilmour.
  • “The Canadians are looking forward to the day when they will land in Germany and meet the Hun face to face,” was the statement of Dispatch Rider Bert C. Rutter, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rutter, Picton R 8, who has just returned to Kingston from overseas service.


  • The temperatures dipped to a chilly 15 degrees Monday evening when most of the county was blanketed with several inches of snow. The pump house in Picton officially recorded a total of 3.4 inches of snow. Flurries prevailed throughout much of the day with the storm reaching blizzard proportions in the late afternoon.
  • Wellington Dukes saw a 3-1 lead and Larry Holmes disappear early Friday night. Holmes, who has figured big in the dukes early season winnings ways left the game before the five minute mark.
  • A team effort is the goal of Mrs. Margaret Ackerman, Picton’s new mayor-elect. Mrs. Ackerman will also be the first woman to hold the office of mayor in the town’s history. 


  • Residents of nursing homes and homes for the ages in Prince Edward County will soon be receiving the benefits of a dental program being launched by the Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit. The goal of the program is simply to improve the dental care of patients in long-term care facilities.
  • The Bloomfield Hallowell Fire Department was called to extinguish a fire that started in the back of a Hallowell Township garbage truck last week. Chief DeMille said the truck had stopped at the White Chaple corner on Highway 49 when the fire was noticed.
  • A communications breakdown within the Prince Edward County roads department resulted in improper mixing of the winter sand stockpile. The error has been rectified.