HPEPH will continue to provide priority services throughout holiday and lock-down period

The main office of Hastings-Prince Edward Public Health in Belleville, ON. (Google Images/Dave Dodgson/HPEPU staff)




Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH) will continue to provide priority services throughout the holiday period to protect the health of the public and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Case management, contact tracing, and emergency services will continue in order to ensure any positive cases of COVID-19 are promptly isolated and all high-risk contacts are notified.  All other services are being cancelled with the exception of scheduled appointments and self-service of water-bottle testing kits and nicotine replacement, harm reduction and birth control supplies.

Throughout the holidays and lock-down period, the following services will continue to be provided:

  • Answers to questions about COVID-19 and other public health topics are available on HPEPH’s website.
  • The HPEPH COVID-19 dashboard will continue to be updated daily with the exception of December 25, 26 and January 1.
  • Identified high risk contacts of current cases of COVID-19 can contact HPEPH by calling 613-966-5500/1-800-267-2803 and following the prompts. 
  • General inquiries about COVID-19 can be submitted on HPEPH’s website.
  • Non-medical emergencies, outbreaks or a reportable disease that require immediate assistance can be reported by calling 613-966-5500/1-800-267-2803 and following the prompts.

“Our staff are working diligently to keep our community safe,” said Dr. Piotr Oglaza, Medical Officer of Health and CEO at HPEPH. “Please, help us with these efforts by making choices to celebrate safely this holiday season. Stay at home and only socialize with people in your household. Limiting your close contacts is one of the best things you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Please call in advance for information related to the availability of services at our locations in Trenton, Bancroft and Picton. 

For more information about how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 please visit hpePublicHealth.ca.

To visit HPEPH’s COVID-19 reporting dashboard please visit https://hpepublichealth.ca/covid-19-cases/