LETTER: Jesus taught love enemies, do unto others

I am disturbed by the tone of the letter to the editor of the Gazette from Steve Staniek, published on January 7, 2021 (New statue would counter colonialism).

I had thought our society had learned some of the lessons taught by Jesus – to love our enemies and to do to others as we would have them do to us. With the increased polarization of rhetoric in the County (about Sir John A. Macdonald) and in the United States (concerning the election), what I see is people who have no space or place for differing perspectives.

Yes, the fallout from some of Macdonald’s policies has been horrendous. I am glad that the current discussions are leading to recognition of all people as people… a long, slow road to see this in place everywhere. Does this mean that everything Macdonald did was bad? Or does this simply mean that all of us – politicians, private citizens, business owners, union members – ALL of us make some choices that are stellar and some choices that stink?

It’s called being human. (Jesus called it being a sinner). Let’s learn to listen. And, as part of listening, I do like the idea of a statue of a little native girl.

Carol Pierce