Community Care staff have the answers

The staff at Community Care make it their business to know the answers to the questions that seniors ask.

If we don’t know the answer right away then we will find out and call that person back.  The next step, that you don’t know, is that then staff let everyone else in the office know the answer to that question.  Our goal is to help seniors live at home and having information is a big step toward that goal.

Questions that have come in lately are wide ranging in nature.  One of them is how to renew a driver’s licence.  Right before Christmas I included details in this column about renewals.  It’s possible to renew online now and you don’t even need a new photo.  Or you can wait.  In response to one person who called in I suggested that they keep an eye on this column because when the government announces the date by which you have to renew I will put it here.  In the meantime, you’re going to be okay with an expired licence.

People also ask about the dental program for low income seniors.  Staff can answer that.  Then there’s the questions about the Ontario Energy Support Program – applying and renewing.  We’re starting to have seniors call about Income Tax for 2020 and we’ll start completing those returns on March 1st using a no-contact procedure.  Give us a call and we’ll explain that to you along with the eligibility.

We planned a curbside pick-up roast beef meal this month and then moved the date to get out of the lockdown.  Then the Premier extended the lockdown.  Oh well, the roast beef & Yorkshire pudding meal for seniors is now on Thursday, January 28th at noon.  The cost is $15.00/person and you need to order and pay in advance or we can’t provide the meal.  You don’t want to miss this!

We receive calls about grocery delivery and how that works.  We’ve made it as easy for seniors as possible and it’s free, too.  We’ll even help with placing the order if you need that.  Stay home where it’s safe and let our volunteers pick up your groceries and bring them to your door.  One call sets it all in motion.

Then there’s all the active living programs to help you keep away the winter blahs.  Seniors call regularly to find out about the webinars, zoom events, and group phone calls.  Some of the topics coming up are “CRA Benefits & Credits for Seniors”, “Beyond the Beech – a look at woodland critters”, “Toad Talk”, and more to be announced.  We’re also holding regular “Tea Parties”.  A series is coming up titled “The Joy of Watercolour Journaling” for those with limited watercolour experience.  Mornings and afternoons we offer gentle fitness, cooking events, and social chats on interesting topics.

Find out more by calling 613-476-7493

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes