LETTER: Hasty erection of wpd turbines was shameful

Responding to a Letter to the Editor in the March 25/21 edition of the Picton Gazette by Elizabeth Dacombe, Belfast, Prince Edward Island, titled ‘Scrapping of wpd wind turbines shameful’.

Last week a letter-writer expressed that it was shameful the wpd turbines were removed.


Let’s not forget that what was truly shameful in the wpd wind turbine mess was the erection of those turbines in the first place. They were erected purposefully and in an extreme hurry when it became obvious the provincial Liberal government would most certainly fall, and the likely replacement government had already stated they would cancel this project once in power. Knowing that, the wpd executives realized they would be stuck selling-off four uninstalled wind turbines at a discount.

Instead, they found someone in government who illegally issued them a final permit to erect the turbines. So they hurried to install those turbines so they could charge the new Ontario government the full price for them, plus the cost of removal, plus profit. What they did should be considered criminal.

The wpd executives should be jailed rather than collecting their executive bonuses and moving on to their next victim. The fact that the turbines would have contributed absolutely nothing to an improved environment in the first place makes the whole escapade just plain dumb.

Mark Russell