Stories from our Past – April 15, 2021

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • The steamer Alexandria has had many improvements made to her during the winter, and will start the season April 30 with a trip to Rochester — May 2 she commences her regular run to Montreal.
  • Navigation promises to be late this year. April 6, 1910 the first boat made her trip. April 6, 1911 a heavy load of lumber drove the ice from Picton to Adolphustown. There is little signs of an ice break yet. It is not expected navigation will open for ten days at least. Boats of the Ontario and Quebec Navigation Company Ltd. are ready however for opening, and will go on their routes as soon as the weather will permit.
  • The ice went out of the harbor Friday April 14. The first boat to make an appearance was the Beat It, a new twenty foot motor boat launched Saturday by its owner Capt. Wessles. She promises to be a speedy little craft, already showing a 24 mile hour clip.


  • At a recent meeting of shareholders of Cressy Cheese Co., it was decided not to rebuild the plant which was destroyed by fire. All factory equipment, most of it untouched by the fire, will be sold by auction.
  • The “Edmonton” is expected at Picton harbor this afternoon, or Thursday, to take on a big cargo of canned goods for points West. The Edmonton wintered in Kingston. The government tender Grenville came up from Prescott last week to place buoys and other markers.
  • Prince Edward Canning Crop Growers’ Association has called a mass meeting of growers for Friday night. This is being held in the Anglican Parish House, Picton. Carl Nicholson, Board representative for Essex County, will be the speaker.


  • Dogs running at large, apart from many other problems, pose a serious threat of contributing to possible rabies cases, Reeve Albert Piroth reported to town council. For instance, he said, there are at least some proven incidents of squirrels with rabies within the town limits, and possibly a case or two of rabid dogs.
  • The annual meeting of the Picton Liberal Association is being  held in Queen Elizabeth School auditorium on Wednesday. Guest speaker will be Dr. John Coleman, Research Scientist. His topic will be pollution and what the future holds.
  • Picton’s new truck, plow and sander, which was ordered in a rush for this winter’s street maintenance, has still not arrived, a somewhat chagrined Public Works Committee reported to town council Monday night. Council did clear up one matter though, following a report that the truck purchased by the town had been a demonstrator model, and therefore used, council assured the truck is new.


  • Prince Edward County’s once prosperous annoying industry, a victim of high interest rates and increased imports in recent years, shows little sign of recovery as the 1981 season approaches. Only four companies, Hyatt Canning Ltd. of Cherry Valley, Baxter Canning Co. Ltd. of Bloomfield, K.G. Conley and Son Ltd. of Wellington and Waupoos Canning Co., are slated for operation this year.
  • Mrs. Ken Needham, chairman of the Heart Fund Appeal in Prince Edward County reports a successful canvass this year. The sun of $14,433.,97 was collected in the ten municipalities.
  • A rural celebration which proved highly successful when it was held for three years, Athol Day will again be celebrated this year at Cherry Valley.