McCAW, Roger

In memory of my husband
Roger McCaw
April 22, 1951 – April 22, 2015
Roger, no words I write can ever say
How much I still miss you every day.
Whenever I think of you
And how things used to be,
I wish I could turn back time
And relive those precious memories.
I’m so grateful for the times we had together,
I’ll cherish my memories of you forever.
I remember you with warmest thoughts
“You’re unforgettable”,
I remember you with fond memories
“You were so wonderful”.
I will always “Remember When”.
Roger may the Angels sing to you the most joyous chorus of “Happy Birthday” today. xo

Love Diane
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In Memory of Roger McCaw
Dad, we talk about you because we’re proud,
We talk about you because you deserve to be remembered,
We talk about you because even though you are not physically with us
You are never far from our minds.
We talk about you because you are part of us,
We talk about you because we
love you still and always will.

Love Chris & Darlene, Melissa & Scott
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In Memory of Roger McCaw, our Papa
Love is the smiles, the laugh and the tears,
Love is forever even when you aren’t here.
Remembering the memories will always be tough
But the love will always be more than enough.

From your grandchildren who miss & love you a lot, xo